Welcome to Impact Theatre!

When was the last time The Arts didn't simply entertain, but impacted your entire life and destiny?

The Arts and Media are very powerful tools in conveying a message. Whenever you read a book, view a movie, listen to a song or go to a play, you are in essence taking in that Author’s philosophy on life. His or hers view of the natural and supernatural. Impact Theatre is a Christian Theatre for the performing arts that offers excellent  theatre free to the public. Our desire is to Challenge people in their spiritual walk, to make one think about where they stand on issues of life and to minister to those who are struggling with life. Our doors are open to all; no matter what your personal views, tastes and philosophies.
Impact Theatre’s door is open free to the public. Refreshments are served at intermission & prior to the opening curtain. Set in a comfortable "Off-Broadway" atmosphere, Impact Theatre features some of the most talented original Christian artists in the Rochester area. The in house drama team known as The "In Your Face" Players perform drama along with the featured month's artist.

We are not a coffeehouse, nor are we a concert hall. Although we are not against these venues, we mainly appeal to those who appreciate the arts and who like to see and listen to the Christian arts without all the distraction. We operate our productions as "theatre" and some of the drama topics cover tough issues of life. Because of this, we ask only mature audiences (Twelve years of age and up) attend. We have featured everything from music, story-telling, dance, poetry, drama and mime. Each evening we offer a wide array of the arts and there are many topics and surprises so you never know what can happen. But we do know it will be well worth your time and travel (just read our quotes page!)

EVERYTHING is FREE. ( *non-perishable food/toiletry donation(s) appreciated but not necessary). But do not let the price fool you, we do our best to uphold a professional and courteous atmosphere. Please navigate through this site, get to know us, then come on out to Impact Theatre.

Impact Theatre is located at:
Cannery Row Mall
513 West Union Street
Newark, NY 14513
Phone: 315 597 3553 ( wait for prompt )