Impact Theatre is revamping our entire vision  for 2015 and beyond. This would include revamping our website and physical location.
We are looking into serving & reaching into more communities with our powerful thought provoking live theatre.
Please stay tuned and check back regularly as change is coming.

The Arts and Media are very powerful tools in conveying a message. Whenever you read a book, view a movie, listen to a song or go to a play, you are in essence taking in that Author’s philosophy on life. His or hers view of the natural and supernatural. Impact Theatre is a Christian Theatre for the performing arts that offers excellent  theatre free to the public. Our desire is to Challenge people in their spiritual walk, to make one think about where they stand on issues of life and to minister to those who are struggling with life. Our doors are open to all; no matter what your personal views, tastes and philosophies.



Impact Theatre can be reached at:
Phone: 315 597 3553 ( wait for prompt )