We are currently in rehearsal for season III BUT
         We want to let you in on a little fun and give you a chance to be a part of Impact Theatre. Do you have a hidden or not so hidden talent? Would you like to display it and have a chance to win a prize? Impact Theatre has started a You Tube channel and we would like to feature YOU!  Do you have a poem, a song, a monologue, dance, artwork, comedy or talent you would like to share with our audience around the world? OK maybe around the corner.  WELL THEN what are you waiting for!!! C’mon on out to one of our rehearsal evenings and display whatcha got! Here is how it works:
•Decide what art you would like to do.
•Contact us via  Face Book or website and say I wanna participate.
•We will  negotiate a date with you to come out to our office/rehearsal hall in Palmyra NY. The time will usually be 6PM on a Thursday  (one hour prior to our rehearsal)
•You do your thing, we record it and place it on our You Tube channel and on our Face book page.
•You can either stick around and watch us rehearse, have a cup of Joe, tea etc.…OR go home! We do not bite and if we do, an antidote is available.
•Go on our Facebook page and look for your performance within a couple of weeks.
•Tell your friends, family, imaginary friend, alternate universe self, anyone to “like” your performance on our FB page. Don’t know it?
•The performance that gets the most likes on Face Book prior to our Season III starting gets $50. That’s FIFTY bones for  less than one hours work!!! You can’t beat that with a baseball bat!
Here are the SIMPLE rules:
• Nothing  overtly vulgar or profane. We don’t mind heart wrenching intense art dealing with real life situations. We do not stray from that ourselves, but we reserve the right to not air something. If in doubt check with us first.
• The content does not have to be Christian per se’. BUT it should be in line with keeping with Impact Theatre’s Artistry. And yes again we reserve the right to reject something not in line with our core values.
• Have a ball and relax.
Hope to see you at a rehearsal.

For more information or to make your reservations visit www.impactdrama.com OR call us @ 315 597 3553 (wait for prompt)